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of all proceeds are donated to charity

Because of my work and love for nature and the animals living in it, I have come to know GG Conservation and the Kevin Richardson Fundation. These two non-profit organizations act strictly in the interest of animals, which I deeply admire. With my work I not only want to draw attention to the beauty of nature and animals. With a part of the proceeds I support the organizations that depend on donations. In addition, I always support individual families in Kenya who need direct help.

The first lions were introduced to Glen Garriff in 2002, 100 years after the last two wild lions were hunted down on Platberg Mountain in 1902.  In 2015, Glen Garriff Lions NPC was registered as a non profit company committed to the sustainability of the African lion population in South Africa and to the enhancement of the study, learning and understanding of the species.

There are currently 77 lions under their care and live out the duration of their lives in our sanctuary.

GG Conservation has a very wide social media reach, with followers on Instagram and Facebook numbering in the hundred of thousands. It is through these channels that most fund raising for the NPC is done, making GG Conservation a sustainable and self funding division of the greater Glen Garriff enterprise.

The Kevin Richardson Foundation is a non-profit conservation organisation with nature’s most majestic creature, the lion, at its heart. Launched in early 2018 the foundation is committed to changing and reversing the state of Africa’s declining lion population by purchasing habitat and raising awareness to create safe, natural spaces where lions and other native species can flourish. By partnering with specialised organisations and engaging with impoverished communities on the fringes of these protected areas, the foundation also aims to minimise human/wildlife conflict whilst improving living conditions for local villages.

Other fundraising activities

Starke Kids

In November 2022, we donated a total of €15,900 to the ” Starke Kids” project, which supports politically persecuted refugee children. An initiative of the Rotary Club Düsseldorf-Pempelfort and the Diakonie Düsseldorf.