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Ba Jun Tu

It was time to try something new. After many trips to Africa, I wanted to photograph a new animal and decided on the wild horses of Camargue. Through my multicultural family constellation, I had learned the meaning of the 8-horse image in Asian culture and a dream image was born in my mind – it’s about strength, cohesion and prosperity. The original story comes from the 8 beloved horses of King Mu (956 to 918 BC). Under his successful leadership, he brought peace and happiness to the people.


During our research for the work in the Camargue, we found Pierre – an old French ranger who has lived with the Camargue horses since his childhood. He agreed to help me with my project.

As we began photographing, I quickly realized how difficult it was to keep such a group of horses together and capture them as “one dynamic whole.” It was important to me that my image, along with the horses, was authentic and that they were fully expressing their own will and concentrated power. Many pictures were taken, but I was not satisfied – until one morning, the circumstances were perfect. A gloomy cloud front moved in, with some flatter passages, so that the strong light of the rising sun was transformed into a diffuse, beautifully soft glow. The horses were more dynamic and powerful than on any of the previous days – they seemed beside themselves with joy as we watched them gallop in the shallow water of the typical tideways in the Camargue … 

I am overjoyed and grateful to have been able to truly experience and capture this powerful energy: May this group of horses galloping together in the same direction be the Ba Jun Tu that will give you strength, cohesion

bring you strength, cohesion and prosperity in your private and business life!